Kenya’s Biggest Public Sector PV Solar Plant, Kenya School of Monetary Studies, Nairobi Kenya

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August 24, 2018
SunFunder has set up a $1.2 million facility for Questworks, a Kenyan firm focused on delivering its strong pipeline of commercial and industrial (C&I) solar projects.
August 24, 2018

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Our Renewable Energy Solutions /Resol team at  Questworks led by  Philip Mwangi racing around the clock to deliver the 1st Phase of what will be the country’s largest rooftop PV Solar System at 2MW

What’s significant about this deployment is that a government entity – Kenya School of Monetary Studies will be taking a leadership role to generate it’s power from renewable energy. And on top of this, it’s designed and installed by a local firm.

Tackling climate action, saving environment, encouraging sustainability through generation of clean energy begins with decisions of individuals, leaders CEO’s and Boards of our private and public sector entities.

Decision to use #Solar and other alternative renewable technology does not only make financial $en$e but also provides some energy security and promote cleaner smart cities.

If you so have a significant power bill and looking to make some impact. Reach out to us at. Let’s see how we can create another clean energy /Solar PV Story. A good start is examining couple months of electricity bills, modelling a possible size, exploring source of financing and getting project started.

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