5 Reasons CFO’s should wear aprons and helmets

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July 7, 2015
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August 8, 2015

Tim WeldingIn many companies, there is an unspoken divide: management and then the others. In our firm- a design build company,we would probably have the engineering guys, architecture team, construction crew and then the management.So the company becomes some set of boxes that may never connect to be a real company. And then what would easily happen is ‘silo mentality’. Choosing the most traditional office type, CFO, we look at reasons why the CFO, like me, should periodically, at least 2X a year wear an helmet and an apron and join the teams on site.

The followings are reasons why..

1. Sites are the places where client WOW moments are created. And spending time in sites, especially working with your team, allows for a better chance that results, WOWing results are created. Money is rarely created in the office. Or in head quaters even for a PE fund. Money is created by crews, programmers, and often on the floor and on sites. Getting the CFO right in the middle allows for just more value.

2. The numbers, and the story told by the CFO, is usually created and delivered in the sites. Your CFO must be telling the current story. They must know what is happening. Stories change all the time and staying close, by wearing aprons and helments is a good way of staying close and driving the numbers.
3. Communication between delivery and management teams is enhanced. Financial goals are communicated easily. And delivery challenges are easily mitigated.
4. One of the most crippling mentality in Africa and Kenya is ‘tumefika’. Graduates seldom want to go near sites. And that’s why we often have engineers that design things that never work. One way of killing this culture is to get engineers that DO, CFO’s that can weld, and a management team that knows each day, what happens on sites and what they can do to support
5. Talent evaluation and sporting. When CFO’s or your management are on client site, they will most likely interact with the next group of people that can drive growth.

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