M y name is Tim Kipchumba. I was born 450km North East of Nairobi, in a small town called Kapsowar, among the Marakwet in the Great Rift Valley.

My surname ‘Kipchumba’, is made up of prefix ‘Kip’, common among people of North Rift Kenya + ‘white people’ or mzungu’ most likely alluding to my dad having been born in the new mission hospital that was set up by white missionaries. This name has come to signify many more friendships and associations- from the mission hospital that my dad was born in, where my mum worked as a nurse, the missionaries that my mum worked with, the founders of Strathmore that were Kenyan wazungu (white Kenyans) who begun the 1st interracial college in the country and now more recently my partners at Questworks
, wazungu associates and partners and clients. I could never have been given a better name to signify the interracial relationships that would characterize my life by the time I am 30 years.

After I missed out a scholarship to Russia (made mum happy since Kenyan students were mostly troubled), I won an EABL scholarship to study IT at Strathmore University. I graduated top of my class with a GPA of 3.84/4 (mostly because I desperately needed the the rebate which was approximately Kes 25K to get through Nairobi and also because I didn’t want to disappoint my sponsors and parents).

I took interest in international procurement (what I have mostly done from graduation to date) and ended up studying to be CIPS. At least now I have an answer for friends who always ask what my background is. Took me a while to realize it didn’t matter. See my thoughts on future of work. I graduated with a Masters of Commerce- Operations at Strathmore University (a very quantitative and research oriented version of an MBA). My thesis was a monte-carlo model for landed cost for international sourcing.

I’m a co-founder of Questworks, an award winning designbuild firm headquartered in Nairobi Kenya handling engineering, procurement and construction of real estate and renewable projects across several countries in Africa. I’m young (not so young any more, 29) entrepreneur working with a great team to contribute to Africa. At Questworks, we serve clients investing in Africa. These clients may be corporate or individuals with real estate as their core business or those that real estate and energy is a key supporting element of their growth in Africa. Those clients vary from international EPC companies, landowners, developers, companies, real estate/renewable energy investors looking to get locally available world class engineering, architecture, procurement and construction solutions.

I’m also a co-author of one book ( 2books)

Unstoppable and Different Millionaires and serve as President of Mentorthon

I am a 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow, 2017 British Council Future Leader Connect Member,

I belief that the role of enterprise and its impact is underrated and that supporting young entrepreneurs in Africa and across the world will change many lives. Increasing freedom for enterprises has a huge impact in changing lives, bringing meaningful employment, wealth and reducing poverty.

I am also a strong believer in education and recently founded Mentorthon to catalyze role models, technology, contenta nd partnerships to improve transition, retention and reverse role model drain. We have reached 20,000+ students in the last 2years.

This site will often cover, some stories, news and lessons from people, books, movies , communities, companies all with the aim of learning, shaping and building (Enterprise) in Africa’s – in general (running businesses & policy level interventions) and in particular through some of our work in real estate, supply chain and energy fields.