Book Review

December 2, 2017

Words of Speaker John Bercow, UK Parliament

In October of 2017, I had the good fortune to go London and Cambridge for the first time as part of British Leaders Connect Programme. We got to meet the Arsenal fan, who is also a speaker of the house of commons, Speaker John Bercow. Hosting us for cocktail that evening, and ready go watch Arsenal with his son, he spoke passionately to us. And His big message, was essentially, ‘I may not be a man of great intelligence, but I work hard and persist’. This message is rare today. We often celebrate brilliance, intelligence and rarely do we celebrate […]
December 2, 2017

Entrepreneur? Sleep some more

With many entrepreneurs pulling in  well over 60 hours,  and sometimes 80+, sleep is the last thing in the minds of these individuals  creating and pursuing opportunities. Well it turns out that these #entrepreneurs should be spending more time sleeping. Sleep it turns out  is highly correlated to high performance. According Essentialism ( a great book by Greg McKeown), famous study  popularized by Malcom Gladwel also found out that the  best violinists  apart from playing more hours,  in deliberate and concentrated practice,  also got to sleep 2.8 hours more than the average. They had 8.6  hours in sleep.     […]
April 9, 2015

Chief Financial Officer, What CFOs do, the influence they have, and why it matters, Jason Karaian

I picked this book at  a bookstore in Qatar and didn’t think it was worth buying it. So I didn’t.  Just a couple of days ago, when my fellow Directors at Questworks appointed me to be their CFO, I took interest after my CEO gave it to me. So of course, when  you get a title in a firm that is growing and taking shape ( 70 + staff)  and you have to update your linkedn as CFO, you have to  know what those CFO’s do 🙂  So I picked it up and read it within one day over Easter […]
October 8, 2014

Lesson from Million Dollar Arm

Million dollar Arm is  a story of skill, luck and love  meeting opportunity. It is indeed the story of  a part of your  journey in enterprise. In Million Dollar Arm,  J.B. Bernstein and his partner Ash, all American sports agents are struggling to find  good talent in United States. They are struggling to succeed. They hear of an Asian businessman who is looking to invest in Asian-based athletes. The other side of all struggles,  is indeed the real definition of opportunity. If talent were easily available, it wouldn’t be an opportunity for Bernstein and his partner. They went ahead and […]
July 3, 2014

The Way, St Josemaria Escrivia

The Way like few books of its kind renders itself very difficult to review.Its very deep and all its verses  with over 45 spiritual themes like character, prayer, examination of concience, study among others.It is written in short verses,  999 of these verses, making it possible to use  for meditation or mental prayer. The way has become exceedingly successful,  selling over 4.5 million copies mostly because the author who is a Saint delves is very practical in the way he teaches how to reach God amidst  our daily realities instead of just focusing on the philosophical and theological aspects of […]