Book Review

June 4, 2014

Millionaire Next Door, The Surprising Secrets of America’s Wealth

  This book sought to answer the question many people ask themselves, “How come I am not wealthy?”This fairly old book, published in 1998 is a personal financial planning classic done by Dr Stanley and Dr Danko. This book found out what many people would guess “who the American Millionaire was”- the Millionaire Next Door. In the process it found out surprising secrets of America’s wealth-facts that are not really secrets but hard to agree with insights because of their simplicity and profound wisdom. Think about this portrait. The millionaire next door had lived in the same town all his […]
April 30, 2014

Mohammed Yunus, Banker to the Poor

This book traces the unlikely journey of the Nobel Peace Laureate of 2006 Prof Mohammed Yunus who started of his journey of banking the poor with 27 dollars to 42 Women. Then a professor of Chittagong University, disturbed by the poverty, tired of book learning, disillusioned by the elegant theories he taught, he changed his comfortable intellectual life and decided to try and help the villagers around the university he taught. He started off with farming and soon realized all the poor women really lacked cheap credit, faith in self (which comes with doing) and a few financial principles. These […]
April 30, 2014

Factory Girls, The hidden story behind China’s Success

A train trip from Hong Kong through Shenzhen, Dongguan to Qaungzhou doesn’t quite reveal the factories just adjacent to these cities and the people inside. These are industrial cities like other coastal cities of China. Yet the people in the factories are the most important resource of China’s success. In the last two years while doing purchasing trips in mainland China and Hong Kong, it had never occurred to us that we dealt with ladies, girls  most of the time. Agents, translators, sales people and factory workers are 70% ladies -girls to be precise. Over 95% are migrants. You would […]
April 30, 2014

Eco-nomics: What Everyone Should Know about Economics and the Environment by Richard L.Stroup

The recent media feature on poaching especially for elephants has estimated 5 elephants a being killed. It brought to our attention rise of poaching. The estimates from KWS are estimated to be 10% of the actual number and it is understandable why.KWS is failing. And the solutions pushed by KWS and   government agencies are always centred on   government legislation. The solution is always- ban poaching; get more police among others, declare it a national disaster, increase KWS funding and the problem will go away. It is indeed the solution that President Moi epitomised when he banned ivory about three decades […]
April 24, 2014

The Tipping Point: How little things can make a big difference

Each day we want to change things, in our homes, our schools, our communities, our country and even our world. The things we intend to change may intimidate us because of the sheer helplessness we feel. ”Where do we even start?,” we ask. Sometimes we make grand plans, set grand budgets, write grand proposals but Tipping Point is a biography of a how people can change big things like fashion trends, bestsellers, crimes, suicide among teens, smoking, marketing of a product, education among young children by changing  the small things. This book examines just what these things need to tip-escalate, […]