Differrent Millionaires by Tim Kipchumba and Rosemary Kibui

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August 24, 2018
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October 6, 2018

With 7 billion people, we are 7 billion different in the world. Perhaps the biggest celebration of life is to live it in the way that best takes advantage of how different we are. And then excel while doing it. Different Millionaires is a book about the principles and the stories of those people, who chose to think, believe and are different. Nothing guarantees excellence. Not even this book. But this Different Millionaires is for is for everyone who wants to be a different millionaire and help others be by doing by doing things that best suit who they really are- different.

Using the strategies of excellent people in business, sports, research, media & and all other spheres of life, Different Millionaires delves into how our different thought, actions, believes and choices result in ‘millions’ for us. Different Millionaires shows the strategies used by different millionaires to make money from their passions, their skills, and the incredible amount of effort they put to create and offer value. It goes beyond making money to help us understand how they keep the money they make.

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