Do we want more entrepreneurs? Teach Fortitude!

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October 20, 2018
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Atlas, Greek god of Endurance

Atlas, Greek god of Endurance

How do we teach Entrepreneurs and Better Human Beings?Teach Fortitude

Fortitude = Endurance + Enterprise.


Endurance is virtue allowing us to Defend
Enterprise is the quality to venture, attack

Fortitude is the quality that helps us fight fear, foolhardiness and indifference – David Isaacs

Fear= being grounded
Foolhardiness=Ignoring the need for care
Indifference= Laziness, passive, careless attitude

Enterprise is the twin virtue of Endurance that makes up Fortitude. It asks of us to have moral, mental, physical strength to Set out to do and to DO!

This is all Good but how would we begin? Here is a small assessment list of Questions Adapted by David Isaacs

1. Do I TRY to discover the RIGHT thing?
2. Do I overcome laziness, routine and imitation by others?
3. Do I focus on what is good for others even at a cost?
4. Do I TRY make an effort to carry chores each day lovingly?
5. Do I TRY resist temptations which I constantly get pushed to?
6. Do I TRY put up physical discomfort without complaints?7. Do I make effort not to get used things I dont agree with?
8. Do I try not to just complain but to do something? i.e Apollo Mboya?
9. Do I overcome fear, need for security?

Entrepreneurship in the end is about taking RISK. And doing so to solve problems. And to take risk, we must have courage / Enterprise…And also Endure because problems take longer…

I therefore poss, that to really teach excellence, and entrepreneurship, we should in fact teach fortitude. We should teach virtue. And courage!

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