Grow a Camels’ hump & feet to grow Enterprise

Laying Foundations – Life & Buildings
September 20, 2014
Young Entrepreneur Lessons from the Movie Chef
September 25, 2014

Today i realize i don’t haveto¬† worry about that limitations that I have. I realize the camel has a hump as a source of gas like the car has a tank.It has ugly but padded feet to travel long distances. And lives in the desert where it finds less competition for food and is dangerous enough for 95% of the predators.

I think if we have a hump or padded feat, we should move to use it in the dessert.If we don’t have these, we can look at what we have and just get a niche that suites our skill sets

Since we are better than camels, we can just grow a grow a hump and padded feet with practice and dedication. I think its true for happiness as it is for enterprise.Those skills are the padded feat.That hump is the resouver of willpower and good patners.And that desert is the opportunity that is disguised today as the desert

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