Innovation in Construction: Post-Tension Technology

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August 24, 2018
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August 24, 2018


We are very pleased  Vivo Energy Kenya awarded Questworks Health Safety Security and Environment Award as well as Most Innovative Project Delivery Award for utilizing Slab- On Grid Post-Tension Technology. 

We are  pioneers in Kenya in  to use this technology  buildings and now recently on Slab- On Grid. Construction has lost significant value in the last 50 years, in part because of incentives that are not aligned but also because of slow adoption of innovation and technology. 

Post-Tensioned (PT) steel is widely used in bridges and buildings in Europe, USA, Japan and Dubai. So its a well-tested technology. We are just doing it here, by tech transfer.

Advantages of PT for Clients/Projects:

  • Less overall steel = green, flat slabs = almost zero beams.
  • Making steel produces a lot of CO2.

Advantages of PT for the builders:

  • Faster setting of formwork=speedier construction,
  • No additional cost to deliver a better product

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