Kenyans are a resilient people. We endure the unendurable

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February 22, 2015
March 19, 2015

We Kenyans are special. We survive a whole lot of things. We survive so much bullshit and corruption. We are a resilient lot.

Ethics &Anti Corruption Authority just prosecuted 3 people since 2011.  If we just put an hypothetical figure of 20M each month, that is 500M invested to catch 3 guys!

Like a friend said, the concept of an authority to fight corruption, which is already illegal is just crazy!We will soon have Authority for everything…(AMA)..Anti Murder Authority..Anti Unemployment Authority…

The only way corruption is really fixed is to actually hang a few people. And jail many people. But then again, if recent parliament allegations are anything to go by, then the dogs cant successfully deliver sausages. The sausages would be eaten along the way.

We are a special people. We survive the worst.


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