Laying Foundations – Life & Buildings

The Way, St Josemaria Escrivia
July 3, 2014
Grow a Camels’ hump & feet to grow Enterprise
September 20, 2014

Laying good foundations in your business, career, relationships and health is usually the 1st and most important thing.They usually require that you dig dirt out until you find rock.In this effort, we must use the best tools we can find. And we must look for all the help we can get. In the process of doing this, we must take the shortest time  because  the foundations, like beginnings are just that- beginnings and foundations.The real work is in the building.Change the height of you business or your career goals with the foundation you create.And then you can build up once you find rock.

In that process, don’t do it alone.Go with the loved one.Go with your team like so that everyone can know what it takes to lay foundations of great character, careers, businesses.In any case they are the next builders#lessonsfrombuilders


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