Meeting Rudisha and the process of skill crafting

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January 28, 2016
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February 28, 2016

Last year the same day as today, I got to meet David Rudisha of the 800m metre world record fame. Meeting world class people in their own field is always a great thing. I got to watch David Rudisha do his training today. As you would expect, its extremely exhausting.And Rudisha joked that, “hi kasi ngumu sana lakini watu wanafikiria ni rahisi“- This work is so difficult but people think it is easy and I am sure its true. Its often so much hardwork on your way to the top and at the top.

That day’s meet with Rudisha reminded me that you will often be dissapointed in the process of crafting your skill. And working that skill. You may even be more dissapointed selling that craft to others. And you may find each day difficult in your work, business and career. But I am sure, you will find comfort to know that as long as you are at it, like Rudisha was at his fad leg that day, you will get a chance to shape your next day, hopefully your job, career and business.

Its all in improving something important one day at a time. It is really about a small win. 5 of those in a day is about 1700 improvements in a year. Its all about training and working on it each day. You rest some day. And then pick it up again. And then each day you do more. The yearRudisha before was very challenging for Rudisha becuase of his Knee injury. He hang on. This year is certainly much better.And thats true for us us in all our endeavours.

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