Kenyans are a resilient people. We endure the unendurable
March 19, 2015
Chief Financial Officer, What CFOs do, the influence they have, and why it matters, Jason Karaian
April 9, 2015


Love isnt something you find. Love is  something that finds you – Lorreta Young

2015 has indeed  been an exciting. On valentine day, when the engineers in our office were building drones for real estate, I missed that  to ask Ebony, my friend for 14 years and spouse for the last 7 years  to be my soulmate. 

God has been  too kind to me. I count myself so much fortunate,  with lots of grace and blessings. On our  7 year anniversary, I got to ask her   to be my soulmate. Having some of our friends, made it even more cooler!!

LoveShe agreed. Incredible luck!!!!!

And being a village boy, I just got to open Champagne for the 1st time :). You can see Ebony is much better



Photo Credits : Roby & Karen, 2015

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