My name is Tim Kipchumba

I was born 450KM North East of Nairobi, in a small town called Kapsowar, among the Marakwet in the Great Rift Valley. My surname 'Kipchumba', is made up of prefix 'Kip', common among people of North Rift Kenya + 'white people' or' mzungu' most likely alluding to my dad having been born in the new mission hospital that was set up by white missionaries. This name has come to signify many more friendships and associations- from the mission hospital that my dad was born in, where my mum worked as a nurse, the missionaries that my mum worked with, the founders of Strathmore that were Kenyan wazungu (white Kenyans) who begun the 1st interracial college in the country and now more recently my partners at Questworks, wazungu associates and partners and clients. I could never have been given a better name to signify the interracial relationships that would characterize my life by the time I am 30 years.

September 26, 2016

The Legend of The Entrepreneur

Few men built America through enterprise, ingenuity and hard work. Cornelius Vanderbelt united America when built ships and Railroad connecting East and West coast. Rockerfeller lit homes and fueled commerce with kerosene and gasoline across the nation Andrew Carnegie raised America Vertically when he build the longest bridge and the tallest buildings with his steel. JP Morgan fixed bad industries and lit and powered America with ac and dc power. Ford built the the cars for normal ordinary Americans. These few men through hard work, not government, not politics built America almost literally. JP Morgan lent money to save American […]
July 9, 2016

Inclusion and Diversity in Startups

Can StartUps Afford to be inclusive? Inspired by a class during Mandela Washington Fellowship academic session on sustainable organizations at Rutgers University led by Prof. Kevin Lyons, I started thinking and reflecting more about how diverse and inclusive we are as a company at Questworks. Are we inclusive? Are we diverse enough? We begun Questworks begun accidentally over 4 and half years ago. We are a spin-off of Strathmore University. We had just delivered award building for Strathmore and I was going to try my luck at one of the consulting firms. But we didn’t want to lose the great […]
May 24, 2016

Mentorthon2016 : Mentorship Marathon

On June 1st to June 4th, I’ll be part of professionals, who will spent 20+ hours, with 4,000 students, from 40 schools on a mentorship marathon : Menthorthon. Now I tell you why! “in 2003, while at form four, a lady called Penina, then a 4th year student at Kenyatta University, came to my high school, Chebara Highschool and spoke to us, about her dreams. She spoke to us about University life and doors into our future. She related to us the life of Dr. Ben Carson and his journey to Top World surgeon, a journey made possible by hardwork […]
February 28, 2016

Kibera, Corruption and Poverty Architecture

Poverty Architecture Is it possible to design poverty? Is there a way a government can plan poverty intentionally or unintentionally? Systemic corruption is a fast track way to deliver a poverty architecture. Anyone who doesn’t understand the impact that corruption has on a people, how corruption perpetuates a bad life for a people should take a walk to Kibera’s small centers. Sometimes just hanging out in Java’s, Urban eatery, going for holiday in Mombasa and out of the country can insulate from the suffering that bad politics can bring to a people.A visit to Makongeni, Kambi muru, Kianda, Soweto East, […]
February 26, 2016

Meeting Rudisha and the process of skill crafting

Last year the same day as today, I got to meet David Rudisha of the 800m metre world record fame. Meeting world class people in their own field is always a great thing. I got to watch David Rudisha do his training today. As you would expect, its extremely exhausting.And Rudisha joked that, “hi kasi ngumu sana lakini watu wanafikiria ni rahisi“- This work is so difficult but people think it is easy and I am sure its true. Its often so much hardwork on your way to the top and at the top. That day’s meet with Rudisha reminded […]