My name is Tim Kipchumba

I was born 450KM North East of Nairobi, in a small town called Kapsowar, among the Marakwet in the Great Rift Valley. My surname 'Kipchumba', is made up of prefix 'Kip', common among people of North Rift Kenya + 'white people' or' mzungu' most likely alluding to my dad having been born in the new mission hospital that was set up by white missionaries. This name has come to signify many more friendships and associations- from the mission hospital that my dad was born in, where my mum worked as a nurse, the missionaries that my mum worked with, the founders of Strathmore that were Kenyan wazungu (white Kenyans) who begun the 1st interracial college in the country and now more recently my partners at Questworks, wazungu associates and partners and clients. I could never have been given a better name to signify the interracial relationships that would characterize my life by the time I am 30 years.

June 10, 2015

Open Letter to President Uhuru Kenyatta: Kenya’s Biggest Tragedy, Billionaires who have done NOTHING

Dear Mr President My name is Tim Kipchumba,a 30 year old young entrepreneur.I am the first born of my parent’s 4 siblings and a father to two awesome boys.I was born in Elgeiyo Marakwet District- some 450KM North East of Nairobi. My dad worked for our government. He worked for the ministry of public works for close to 25 years. He barely got 3 promotions in that time. He earned much less then the money our MP’s would pay for one breakfast. At one point he earned as little as Kes 3,000. And even though he rarely took leave fixing roads, […]
April 9, 2015

Friendship & Family Theory

Good friends are hard to find, harder to leave and  impossible to leave This Easter, thanks to my buddy, of 10 years  ( we first met because of East African Breweries Limited  Scholarship at Strathmore University) , Giorgio, I got to go to Tz for the first time. And it was always a great time of friendship and family. As the elders would say, we went to Arusha to ask the hand of a lady,  whose beauty, mind and heart made us all fall in love…Esp  for Giorgio. So the theory is almost biblical. Family and friendships that last long […]
March 19, 2015


  Love isnt something you find. Love is  something that finds you – Lorreta Young 2015 has indeed  been an exciting. On valentine day, when the engineers in our office were building drones for real estate, I missed that  to ask Ebony, my friend for 14 years and spouse for the last 7 years  to be my soulmate.  God has been  too kind to me. I count myself so much fortunate,  with lots of grace and blessings. On our  7 year anniversary, I got to ask her   to be my soulmate. Having some of our friends, made it even more cooler!! She […]
March 19, 2015

Kenyans are a resilient people. We endure the unendurable

We Kenyans are special. We survive a whole lot of things. We survive so much bullshit and corruption. We are a resilient lot. Ethics &Anti Corruption Authority just prosecuted 3 people since 2011.  If we just put an hypothetical figure of 20M each month, that is 500M invested to catch 3 guys! Like a friend said, the concept of an authority to fight corruption, which is already illegal is just crazy!We will soon have Authority for everything…(AMA)..Anti Murder Authority..Anti Unemployment Authority… The only way corruption is really fixed is to actually hang a few people. And jail many people. But […]
February 22, 2015

The Poor Quality Of Construction in Nairobi, Possible Consequences & Solutions

In developing countries, poor quality construction has led to spontaneous building collapse and, during earthquakes, to major disasters. While reliable building codes are widely used in design, builders in developing countries often fail to meet acceptable standards. Structural defects are frequently identified too late, often after catastrophic collapse. In Kenya, more than eighty people have been killed, and over 290 injured, by collapsed buildings, since 2006. Researchers attribute most of the 230 thousand deaths in Haiti during the 2010 earthquake to the low quality of Haitian construction. But, sadly, Haiti is not an exception. In 2009 Kenyan officials estimated that […]