Press release on Questworks, Kenyan engineering procurement and construction company offers to design the great Trump wall

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October 28, 2016
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December 2, 2017

We just concluded a business/strategy development meeting at Questworks and we offer to design Great Trump Wall.

Understanding that the wall will need more technologies than we have with the Somali/Kenya Wall, our CEO will be traveling first to China at the end of the month to look at the Great China Wall. The design will mimic the Great Wall of China but it shall incorporate newer and modern building and engineering technologies.

If the Government of United States accept this offer, we will be ready to travel after inauguration of President Donald J. Trump to begin immediately.

We envisage the design to take 12 moths and shall create 30,000 non-migrant jobs. Our team of 100 engineers will work very closely with the US government agencies. We are very excited to support America in this new effort.

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