Some Ideas Beyond Buildings Auidits to Make Buildings Safe in Kenya

Quality Construction and Building Safety in Kenya/ East Africa
February 22, 2015
The Poor Quality Of Construction in Nairobi, Possible Consequences & Solutions
February 22, 2015

President Uhuru ordered for building audits early in 2015. This came just after 2 successive collapses in Nairobi. The recent one of the collapse killed two women and an infant. These incidences came after a Questworks study that proved that 75% of  buildings in Nairobi are not safe  in the event of an Earthquake.

President’s directive should  be followed through and hopefully before end of 1st Quarter, a report with findings will be tabled. Building audits are a first step. They will reveal the status quo and hopefully a good beginning to solutions to the problem of collapses in Kenya.  A system wide solution framework will need crafted. We will need

  1. Home buyers and corporate real estate buyers to take keen interest when leasing, renting and buying property. 
  2. More technical supervision from built environment professionals and  professional registration bodies
  3. Kenyan legislators (both houses regulators to review and improve existing legislation’s and building codes. Questworks team already has drafts of  some of these proposals for Senate and Parliament
  4. Media fraternity to disseminate information on building safety ( not just structural alone but fire and other aspects that) tenants and buyers  need to be cognizant of
  5. Nairobi County Government and National Construction Authority  are probably among the key bodies that will be vested with good quality construction. A modification on their legal mandates, work processes, responsibility and generally results may need to be modified to allow for safe built environment  to flourish in Kenya.

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