The Legend of The Entrepreneur

Inclusion and Diversity in Startups
July 9, 2016
Green trouser, yellow flowered shirt and all the misfits
October 18, 2016


Few men built America through enterprise, ingenuity and hard work.

Cornelius Vanderbelt united America when built ships and Railroad connecting East and West coast.

Rockerfeller lit homes and fueled commerce with kerosene and gasoline across the nation

Andrew Carnegie raised America Vertically when he build the longest bridge and the tallest buildings with his steel.

JP Morgan fixed bad industries and lit and powered America with ac and dc power.

Ford built the the cars for normal ordinary Americans.

These few men through hard work, not government, not politics built America almost literally. JP Morgan lent money to save American Government from Collapse many times.

When we start to admire and respect more our leaders of enterprise, we begin to make progress. These men each day take risk of capital, market and all to create life, livelihoods and wellbeing.And they don’t ask for honor. They ask that government leaves them alone by cutting bureaucracy.Government can make few hard laws that support business

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