The Way, St Josemaria Escrivia

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June 4, 2014
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The Way like few books of its kind renders itself very difficult to review.Its very deep and all its verses  with over 45 spiritual themes like character, prayer, examination of concience, study among others.It is written in short verses,  999 of these verses, making it possible to use  for meditation or mental prayer. The way has become exceedingly successful,  selling over 4.5 million copies mostly because the author who is a Saint delves is very practical in the way he teaches how to reach God amidst  our daily realities instead of just focusing on the philosophical and theological aspects of Godly live.The way maybe unsuitable for prose reading. I doubt it is even recommend for 1 full day reading. It is best used for meditation. Non-Catholics Christians and Non-Christians may also find some unfamiliar liturgical concepts and terms that they may need to look up.

It is written by St Josemaria Escriva, who was born on January 1902 in Barbastro, Spain. He is the founder of Opus Dei.Opus Dei is part of Catholic Church, that teaches people to be saints or holy through their day to day activities.The way has many many thoughtful and  powerful messages like :
  1. “be useful”,
  2. “Get used to saying no”
  3. “You will never be a leader if you see others as stepping stone to get ahead”
  4. “One’s own mind is a bad advisor,  poor pilot to steer the soul…You need the master”
  5. etc etc

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