Thinking of Work as Tours of Duty

Unconditional, Papa Joe and Love
October 28, 2018

Early, On I was very much confused what I was professionally. And it took me a while to realize I didn’t have to be called anything. I had studied Business IT at Strathmore University and a Masters in Commerce/Operations after winning EABL Scholarship. Then I took up CIPS to try and bolster my supply chain/international procurement work. And dabbled writing 2 books for high school kids Unstoppable and Different Millionaires. And speaking to high school students all of it now become Mentorthon. But then the project changed. So I picked up readings on tax, balance sheet, statement of cashflows and P&L. But then there were projects, and so here comes Project Management. And Construction Management. But to win contracts, we had to build value,bid, sell and develop business. And so business development. But then to really articulate and communicate value from Solar, you have to know enough about it. And on and on. So it’s been a relief to be able to just say I am a co-founder of Questworks. We design and build Solar and RealEstate Projects!

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