Unstoppable, Achieving Excellence in High School and Beyond by Tim Kipchumba and Rosemary Kibui

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January 3, 2015
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February 22, 2015


Unstoppable Back Copy Unstoppable Front

Our first book; Unstoppable: Achieving Excellence in High School and Beyond was released in 2010 and has  has been shared in over 200 high schools across the country. The book offers 10 lessons for success in high school, picked from the high school experiences of the authors, who were themselves ‘A’ students in high school. Feedback from our readers suggests that they find the book very relevant in tackling the challenges they face in high school.

The  power of books to create and spread impact is compounded  by the fact that  at least 4 adults share a book (Chakava, 1996), meaning that  that 1 book has the ability to reach numerous people over a period of time.  In a research we carried carried out in 2012,  students who had obtained a copy of Unstoppable had shared it with up to 30 friends, sometimes reading the book in assembly, taking turns in the school or adopting the book as a highschool success skills guide.

Our work of publishing, mentorship and speaking in high schools  intends to help share behavior change.  Daily Nation reported increase in Teenage Sex with over 23% of girls under 18 falling pregnant, 55% of all high school students having tried drugs and alcohol, with 300 schools out of 5,000 schools experiencing massive strikes contributing to high dropout rate. Kenya Vision 2030 considers that the fourth key challenge in education lies in improving the overall transition rates, particularly from secondary to tertiary levels currently at 3% with target for 2012 being 8 per cent to 15 per and changing attitudes and behaviors of students. We believe that this effort will be a way to help form the next generation of leaders and also connect with them in your future leadership vision and plans.


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