August 28, 2018

Differrent Millionaires by Tim Kipchumba and Rosemary Kibui

With 7 billion people, we are 7 billion different in the world. Perhaps the biggest celebration of life is to live it in the way that best takes advantage of how different we are. And then excel while doing it. Different Millionaires is a book about the principles and the stories of those people, who chose to think, believe and are different. Nothing guarantees excellence. Not even this book. But this Different Millionaires is for is for everyone who wants to be a different millionaire and help others be by doing by doing things that best suit who they really […]
August 24, 2018

He writes to change young attitudes

A trip back to the village made Timothy Kipchumba realise that young people in his homeland needed motivation to succeed in life. He took the trip to Marakwet to mentor secondary school students, and while there, he discovered it was not possible to reach out to the large number of learners scattered in the rough terrain. The cost of visiting schools was very high, and many of the students were discouraged by the hardship they had to endure to acquire education. This hurdle led to an idea that has since been Kipchumba’s passion. Read more
July 7, 2015

Youth should not be Wasted, Eric Kathenya, Daily Nation

The President of the United States of America is described as the most powerful man in the world. But reading the story of the man who holds that office, one thing is clear, you can work your way to greatness. President Obama has a brilliant mind. But it took more than brilliance for the skinny kid with a funny name to get to White House. He worked hard, very hard. And that is the gist of the book Unstoppable: Achieving excellence in high school and beyond. High school days aptly capture the adage – youth is wasted on the young. […]
January 3, 2015

Unstoppable, Achieving Excellence in High School and Beyond by Tim Kipchumba and Rosemary Kibui

  Our first book; Unstoppable: Achieving Excellence in High School and Beyond was released in 2010 and has  has been shared in over 200 high schools across the country. The book offers 10 lessons for success in high school, picked from the high school experiences of the authors, who were themselves ‘A’ students in high school. Feedback from our readers suggests that they find the book very relevant in tackling the challenges they face in high school. The  power of books to create and spread impact is compounded  by the fact that  at least 4 adults share a book (Chakava, 1996), […]