Young Entrepreneur Lessons from the Movie Chef

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September 20, 2014
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hero_Chef-2014-1Our  Lusaka- Nairobi trip was long enough, for the KQ  edited version of   the movie Chef to  just fit.Chef is a descent story, that celebrates good food, family and risk taking. It features, Chef, Joh Favreau, who is tired of cooking the same time tested food in the restaurant. One critique,  degenerates into a  tweef and  allows him to finally begin that process of starting afresh, of getting to know his son, of finding what he loved about food, love,  life and family.

Some lessons that I picked watching this movie  for any young entrepreneur  and professional:

  • The best never rest. They are obsessed with being  the best they can possibly be. And work for them is not work at all. Chef  Carl is seen enjoying selecting ingredients, going to markets, cooking into the night,  all of it just for the fun of it…
  • Always don’t fear to take risk, if its consistent with what you love and cherish. No amount of work, career or job situation, should force you to work in an environment that  you are not able to shine. You should be able to do things you care deeply.
  • Bring family, especially young ones along on  your work.Carl had immense pleasure passing “Chefhood” to his son.And in turn it gave him tremendous happiness and joy
  • Have good friends.They are extremely important- even ex-wife as Chef  Carl had. Its a small group of friends that care that allowed Chef  Carl to 1st take risk, to advance, to go to Miami, to begin cooking again….Friends, few solid ones, are extremely important
  • Turn misfortunes into opportunities.When Chef quits his job as a prominent LA chef, he soon becomes much much happier than he even knew…When  things go wrong, you have a chance to start again.

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